"Annoying Orange Meets Marvin the Martian"
Episode: 80
Airdate: June 29, 2011
Characters: Marvin the Martian, Orange, K-9, Psycho Alien, Comet, Marshmallow
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Honeydew's Help"
"Annoying Orange: Naruninja"

Annoying Orange annoys K-9 and Marvin the Martian but soon Marvin needs Orange's help to protect his spaceship from a psycho alien.


Marvin: Hmm, I wonder what movie I should watch. Maybe Twilight? I should probably watch Regular Show. That's my favorite show.

Orange: No (slides to the front of the TV)

Marvin: Hey you, move out of the way! I'm trying to watch TV

Orange: Don't I know you from somewhere? Your voice changed.

Marvin: Dude! I ate a sugar leaf and it changed my voice!

Orange: Oh, so you E.T. (laughs)

Marvin: Stop with the jokes! I'll just stun you with my laser.

Orange: (laughs) You're no fun! I'll just leave you.

Marvin: Thank god!

(15 minutes later)

Marvin: Orange! I need your help!

Orange: I though you were no fun.

K-9: He needs your help fighting a psycho alien.

(K-9, and Marvin start the spaceship and Orange rolls to the door.)

Marvin: Awesome! Now, we're fly--

(spaceship rumbling)

Orange: What was that?

Psycho Alien: Hey dudes! Guess what this button does!

(missles aim and almost explode at the spaceship but sooner turns at the alien)

Psycho Alien: Uh-oh


Orange: Whoa! That was awesome!

K-9 and Marvin: Thanks, Orange

Comet: Good for you guys!

Fruity Question of the day: Which planet do you like the best?

Orange: Hey, Comet

Comet: Yes?

Orange: Good luck flying! (laughs)

Marshmallow: Toastied!

(Orange and Marshmallow laugh)

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