Title Card


(The Bus Arrives at O-Town)

  • Pear: Woah! There's No Place like Home!

(A Wallaby wearing a blue shirt and brown shoes opens the door)

  • Orange: Who Are you, and also, Where are We?
  • Rocko: I'm Rocko and You are in O-Town.
  • Orange : Hey! Your shirt looks Funny! (Laughs)
  • Rocko: (annoyed) Yeah Right! My father gave it to me during vacation while I'm 5 years old.
  • Orange: Yeah Rock-O! (Laughs)

(Title card appears with Orange, Pear and Rocko. Music from Cruel as Cucumber was used)

  • Rocko: You Better Stop Making Bad Jokes about....
  • Orange: hey Edward Siccorhands!
  • Ed Bighead: First of all, don't call me "Edward siccorhands" and second, What?!

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