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Annoying Orange Meets The Amazing World Of Gumball
"Annoying Orange Meets The Amazing World Of Gumball"
Episode:  ?
Airdate:  ?
Characters: Orange, Pear, Gumball, Darwin, Anton, Nicole Watterson
Fanon Episode Guide
"Annoying Orange: Unicorn Land"
"Annoying Orange: Peenut"

Orange makes friends with Dorako, Garmadon, Gumball and Darwin, and annoys the living crap out of a democrat apple


Gumball: OK, Darwin were going to

Orange: shhhhhhhhh!

Pear: Stop.

Orange: shhhhhhhhhh!

Pear: Please Stop!

Orange: shhhhhhhhh!

Pear: That's the way!

Doorbell: Hey! say Open Sesame.

Orange: Open Sesame.

  • Teleports*

Orange: Whoa! A new kitchen!

Gumball anmd Darwin: Ok. are they our friends?

Apple: Coming

Darwin and Gumball: Orange! Pear!

Orange: Yes? Want to hear a joke.

Gumball: Okay!

Apple: No!

Orange: knock, knock!

Gumball: Who's there?

Darwin: Apple is on a Spring Roll [laughs]

Apple: You Are A Stupid Fish.

Darwin: Why!

Orange:You Are Not A Stupid Fish.

Darwin: hurray!

Orange: OK. Gumball and Darwin, want to play another game.

Darwin: How about, Annoy The Apple!

Orange: That is a fabulous idea!

Gumball: Hey Apple!

  • Apple yells

Apple: WHAT!

Darwin: Alligator!

Orange: Huh. [apple gets ate by an alligator

  • Orange peels out while pear tries to bounce*

Orange: Woah, Should that guy apple out? [laughs]

Gumball: Yes.......

Garmadon: Were there talking fruit in there?

Darwin: Yes, But WE HAVE LOADS OF FUN.

Fruity Question of the Day

Who is your favorite World of Gumball character?

Comment: SuperSonicFan23, that took me so long to create! You are to add the images I want and not delete my pages!

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