Orange: I'm booooooooooooooor-DUH! There is nothing to play.

(Labtop appears on the table.) Labtop: I have lots of games on me!

Marshmallow: I wanna play Hugs and Sprinkles! YAY!

Labtop: What game is that?

Orange: I can do this! Nya NYAAAAAA!

Labtop: Stop doing that!

Pear: Yeah, Orange, lets just be nice. He has sudoku!

Orange: Sudoku? Sounds Sodorky! Wahahahahaa!

Labtop: I don't play sudoku, but I have Minesweeper!

Orange: Sounds like chores.

Labtop: It's not a chore!

Marshmallow: I hate chores, but I LOVE chocolate!!!!!!!!! Heeheeeheeheee!

Labtop: Shut up shut up shut up!

Orange: Hey, Toppy!

Labtop: I'm not Toppy, i'm a LABTOP!

Orange: Hey, HEY Labpop!

Labtop: WHAT?!?!?!

Orange: Plug!!!!

(A hand comes out and unplugs him.)

Labtop: AAAaaaaaa...... (Shuts off.)

Pear: Thanks, a lot, Orange. Now I'm bored again!

Orange: Hmmmm.... Hey, Smartphone!

Smartphone: UGH!!!!!!

See the sequel: Smartphone vs. NOT Smart orange!


  • This is the only time a kitchen appliance doesn't kills someone (besides squash).
  • Second time he kills an electronic.
  • Passion fruit and Grandpa Lemon didn't appear. OR GRAPEFRUIT!!!!

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