Orange and Pear board a plane thinking this is they're vacation, but are gonna be served as air-line food!


(Orange is in a package box with Pear.)

ORANGE: (Wakes up from sleeping) Wh-Whaaa?

PEAR: (Wakes up after hearing Orange's screaming) O-Orange? What is it alread--- (Notices where he is) A-A-Aaaagh! Where are we?!


PASSION: Whoa! Guys, where are we?

ORANGE: I dunno...

MARSHMALLOW: This place smells like arm-pits! Yay!

MIDGET APPLE: Whoa, whats going on? Did Marshmallow tranqualize us and transport us away on a rainbow or something?

MARSHMALLOW: I love rainbows! Yay!

PEAR: Whoa! I know! Guys, remember Air-Plane?

ORANGE: Yeah, of course, he was so AERO-dynamic! (laughs)

PEAR: Yeah, well we must be inside him!

MARSHMALLOW: Princess Butterflykiss did say she felt we were off the ground! Tee-hee!

PASSION: Hold on, Marshmallow! Do you hear that? The engines aren't on! We're still on the ground! Guys, you know what this means?

ORANGE: Air-Plane is a little bit LESS of an Aero-Maniac! (laughs again)

PASSION: No, we still have a chance at escaping!

PEAR: Hooray! We can still make it back!

PASSION: Yeah, that's kinda what I just said... less then 12 seconds ago...

(Everyone stares at Pear)

PEAR: Uhh...

(A voice is heard)

VOICE: Attention, passengers, we will be taking flight soon.

PEAR: Oh no! It's taking off!

ORANGE: Soon! Man, you really need to focus on the big picture.

(Pear is obviously annoyed.)

MIDGET APPLE: Well, how will we get out?

(Orange spits a seed at the latch on the door.)

PEAR: Ugh, it's just not gonna work, Orange!

PASSION: Guys, Marshmallow can give us a ride on Lady Butterflykiss!

MIDGET APPLE: Well, it doesn't just work like that. She can only carry 3 people. Me, you and Marshmallow.

ORANGE: Well, what do we do?

PASSION: I don't know? Die? (Rides away on Princess Butterflykiss with Midget Apple and Marshmallow.)

PEAR: Darn.

ORANGE: Hey, is that... pudding?

PEAR: If he had fur....

(Zooms in on Air-Line Food)

AIR-LINE FOOD: Hey, guys.

ORANGE: Who... what... are you? Puddings cousin Hairy? (laughs)

AIR-LINE FOOD: No, I'm Air-Line Food!

PEAR: Umm, if they already have food here.... why do they need us?

AIR-LINE FOOD: Too much complaints about how I taste, so you guys are the transfer food.

ORANGE: The what? What you talkin' 'bout, Hairy? (laughs)

AIR-LINE FOOD: Umm, yeah, they're gonna stop serving me... and start serving you guys!

(Orange and Pear look confused.)

AIR-LINE FOOD: Served.... served! You know, served... as food...

(Orange and Pear say "Oooh" then scream.)

(Worker enters storage room.)

ORANGE: Hey, Pear!

PEAR: What already?

(Orange and Pear jump out the hatch before the worker closes it.)

WORKER: Aw, man. The new foods must have fell out. Oh well, I'll just serve this Air-Line Food again.


Fruity Question of the Day

(Note: All viewers of this show will post their replies on the web-site in the section "Pear's Replie Gallery.")

What would you do to escape an Air-Plane thats gonna take flight?

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