Annoying Orange Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples

In the first cinematic we see Orange annoying a group of Apples.

Orangeco Incorperated: Annoying Quest is a game based off the upcoming TV show Orangeco Inc. where Orange wants Liam's pot of gold and has to retrieve 8 magic items if he wants to earn it. It has cinematics in between levels or areas of levels. The cinematics mostly feature Orange annoying someone to sneak past them. It is available for Wii, Nintendo DS, X-Box 360, 3DS, and PS3.


  • Orange - Annoys foes by talking/Spitting seeds
  • Pear - Throws mushrooms and apple-seeds
  • Marshmallow (unlockable after you rescue him from Jigsaw because he is the only one who can use Rainbows to transport to places.) - Teleports via rainbow/Summons hoards of angry Unicorns.
  • Midget Apple (unllockable after you save him from Grapefruit's thugs in Level 3, Area 3.) - Jumping abilities/Ability to contact with other Midget Apples to create stampedes of Midget Apples.
  • Passion Fruit (unlockable after you defeat Grapefruit for the first time.) - Blinds foes by putting eye-shadow in their eyes/Jumping abilities.
  • Raspberry (unlockable after you destroy Brocolli's space-ship and rescue him from the alien testing room.) - Can smash foes with bowls of Raspberries/Jumping abilities.
  • Grapefruit (unlockable after you defeat him the 3rd time but can't be used in any levels where he is the boss.) - Super strength/Ramming down foes.
  • The Onion Ring (unlockable after you defeat Grapefruit the 1st time.) - Turns foes into Onion Rings/Immune to knives.


  • Level One, Area 1 - Green Apple
  • Level One, Area 2 - Mecha-Orange (1st Time)
  • Level One, Area 3 - Grapefruits Mail-Man
  • Level Two, Area 1 - Knife (NOTE: After defeating Knife other Knifes will start appearing as recurring enemies)
  • Level Two, Area 2 - Jigsaw (NOTE: After defeating Jigsaw you will be able to play as Marshmallow)
  • Level Two, Area 3 - Broccoli (NOTE: After this level you will be able to play as Raspberry)
  • Level 3, Area 1 - Juice Boxes
  • Level 3, Area 2 - Grapefruit (1st Time) (NOTE: After this level you will be able to play as Passion and Onion Ring)
  • Level 3, Area 3 - Grapefruit's Thugs (NOTE: After this level you will be able to play as Midget - er.... Little Apple)
  • Level 4, Area 1 - Rover McClover
  • Level 4, Area 2 - Mecha Orange (Last Time)
  • Level 4, Area 3 - Pumpkin
  • Level 5, Area 1 - Grapefruit (2nd Time)
  • Level 5, Area 2 - Fred (1st Time)
  • Level 5, Area 3 - Grapefruit (Last Time) (NOTE: After this level Grapefruit decides hecan;t win and joins forces with Orange, making him playable.)
  • Level 6, Area 1 - Liam (1st Time)
  • Level 6, Area 2 - Crabapple
  • Level 6, Area 3 - Charlie the Guinea Pig
  • Level 7, Area 1 - Liam (2nd Time)
  • Level 7, Area 2 - Fred (Last Time) (Mini-Boss)
  • Final Battle - Liam (Last Time) (Final Boss)

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