After orange annoyed cookie pear finds something to cure his annoyingness


Cookie: Oreo help me Oreo: sorry I have no hands Orange: Me either hahahaha Marshmellow: Be quite I'm reading how to be normal Apple: I need to defeat the boss on This... (Game explodes) Apple: MY I PAD! Older apple: Don't worry son well get a other one Apple: I love being rich and you dad Older apple: wait what are you AHHH (daneboe eats older apple) Apple: I will save you Apple: (jumps out the widow) Orange: Milk bottle Oreo & Cookie: Huh (gets squash by milk bottle) Passion: Well there goes My name license


Pear: Speking of names orangeers what's wrong with you Orange: I'm not wrong I'm a orange Squash: Yeah you are annoying Orange: (Gasps) Listen I have a habit of puns there funny but you all don't laugh I have enough Pear: get him Orange: AHHH (At the building) Onion: Tell me what you do Orange: Talk to foods but they end up gone Onion: I might have the cure Orange: Huh? Marshmellow: Ok I'm changing my phone picture Little apple: Why? Well Pear (Flashback): marshmellow you need help Marshmellow (Flashback): I wi... Little apple: WHAT PEAR YOUR CHANING EVERY THING Pear: I like it Little apple: WELL I DON'T Orange: Well I have a non-Pun Pear: Yahhh! Little apple: Oh no Pear: Well my work he is done Pear-Bot: HA HA HA HA Orange: AAAHHHHHH! Little apple: AHHHH! Marshmellow: AAAAHHHHHHH! Pear-Bot: YES MY MISSOI. IS TO CHANGE THE KITCHEN HA HA HA HA Pear: Help me Orange: Pear look out Pear: AHHH THE ROPE HURTS Pear-Bot: WAIT MY FRUIT METER IT'S BURNING UP AAAHHHH! (Fake Pear explodes) Real Pear: Phew Im never oing to a lab ever again Cookie: That's good for you Orange: cookie your alive Cookie: Yup it still hurts Cookie: wait AAAHHHH (Daneboe eats cookie) (Mystrey bottom takes you to Annoying pear) (Fruit question: How did orange and marshmellow get back to there selves)


It is unknown how orange and marshmellow get back

This is the first time people didn't mistake little apple for his nick name

Hidden misthaouio: When pear-Bot gets defeated a misthaouio is next to the robot

First time orange snaps

A reference that the lines after apples I pad explodes from gravity falls

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