Fireman Sam is an episode about orange meeting a british cartoon character. He also meets another character.


Orange: Bored, bored, bored, bored...............BORED! Nehahahahaha!

( Crash through walls)

Fireman Sam: Quickly! Everyone, out of the building!

Orange: Whaaaaaaaaaaa!

(title cards show)

Orange: Aaaaaghhh! Get out burgler!

Fireman Sam: What?

Orange: Your a dirty, dirty, dusty poopy toliet!

Fireman Sam: I'm notta' burgler or a dirty toilet. I'm a fireman, Fireman Sam that is, and you need to get out of the building.

Orange: Leave? But, but..

Fireman Sam: No buts talk'in orange, get out of the building before the fire spreads!

Orange: A fire? I didn't know that.

Fireman Sam: Yeah, Biggest news in the world now get out!

Orange: All right Mr. fireman cheif! Nehahahahahaha!

Fireman Sam: Big, stupid, big, piel of......ERRRR! YOU..ARE..EAR-A-TAT-ING!!!

Orange: Hey, hey Mr. boss! Hey mr. boss, hey!

Fireman Sam: WHAT?!

Orange: Fire.

Fireman Sam: What do you mean fire?...AGGHHHHH! IT BURNS! IT BURNS! AGHHHH!

Orange: Whoa! Nobody knew he was gonna be fired. Nehahahaha! uhhhh.........So where are the fireman the now put thew fire out now?

(Crash through walls)

Elvis (not the singer, there is a character in Fireman Sam named Elvis): Okey let's turn this fire in'ta smoke.

Orange: Aghhh! burglers!

Elvis: What? I'm nott'a burgalar, I'm Elvis....

Orange: Elvis Presly! Really! Sing Jingle Bell Rock! Your greatest hit!

Elvis: One: I'm not Elvis Presly, I'm Elvis Criddington. Two: Elvis never sang Jingle Bell Rock and if he did, it problay woulon't be'a hit.

Orange: Well it would be a hit to me! Elvis or not, sing that song.

Elvis: Well okey! (Coughs two times). Jingle bell, jingle bell...

Orange: No, no, no, no, no, I said Jingle Bell Rock not JIngle bells!

Elvis: The beginning of the song says "jingle bell" Idiot! Or should I say, Annoy'in Orange!

Orange: I not annoying, I'm an orange! O-R-A-N-G-E, orange!

Elvis: Uhhhhhh!

Orange: Oh, and you forgot to put out the fire, hint hint.

Elvis: Oh yeah thank you Orang--

(Elvis get's covered in fire)

Orange: Who fired him? nehahahahahahaha! 

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