When Marshmallow is captured by a strange man, orange and his friends discise themselfs as a person to return marshmallow back to his place on the stove.


mashmallow; Yay! I love the world and it's wonders!

pear: Yeah, like we don't that.

passion fruit: All come on pear, don't judge him, He can't help it.

grapefruit: Maybe he needs alittle teaching in, GRAPEFRUIT'S TOTTALLY TOUGH SCHOOL!

orange, passion, pear and midget apple: Grapefruit's tottally tough school?!

marshmallow: Okey what do I do?

grapefruit: Be tough.

(breaking glass)

strange man: I, the the food burgaler, will take a strange food! HAHA!

(Suddently the screen cuts to marshmallow)

strange man: What may be this little strange white food? I'll steal this and look at it closly later at my home.

(Marshmallow gets picked up)

marshmallow: Hehe! That tickles! Hehehehhehe!

grapefruit: Marshmallow! this is your second lesson! Beat up your enemies, Like this man! Destroy him!

strange man: Good-bye ye'old daneboe!

Daneboe: All come on I only...

strange man: No more for ages!

Daneboe: Orange! Pear! Passion, Grapefruit! Why did ya let him escape!

grapefruit: Well Dane, I told'em to beat him up. But said nothing.

Daneboe: Listen guys, I've gotta plan. Why don't you get inside my costume! With romote control robot arms and legs,a mask that looks just like a human and when you talk, the moth moves and gloves.

orange: Sweet! Do you know where the guy lives? And one thing, why don't you go there yourself?

Daneboe: Um, theres no way I'm do'in that and he lives next door!

orange: Okey, pile in!

apple (tv show): I not getting inside there.

coconut (tv show): Well if you wont I'll.

(Coconut pushs apple)

apple (tv show); I dispise coconut.

midget apple: Were coming little buddy.

orange: All right, to the house away!

(Screen cuts to burgler's house)

strange man: Hmmm. Strange I tell ya.

(Knocking noise.)

strange man: Come in.

orange in costume: Hey you, I saw you with a sqiusy food. I want to buy it.

strange man: Get out.

orange in costume: Your an apple.

strange man: I'm not an apple.

orange in costume: Apple says what?

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