pear's revenge is a episode where pear gets revenge on orange and upgraded mecha orange into fighting style.


pear gets orange back.


orange: im bored

pear:hey orange im back!

(title card appears)

pear:and so is mecha orange!

mecha orange:grettings basketball ha ha ha.

other orange: alright!(fart) (laugh)

midget apple:shut up other orange!

captian obvious: MIDGET APPLES ANGRY!

orange:you will never kill me!

celery:i say!

ginger: can we just have peace?

pear:mecha orange enter attack mode!

mecha orange: yes oval fruit.

mecha orange:hey hey orange.


mecha orange: MISSLE!

orange: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



orange:(dieing) knife!

mecha orange:MAJOR DAMAGE DETECTED! SELF DESTRUCT IN 10..9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1.....0!


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