Apple (Kitchen Carnage)
AO Apple (Kitchen Carnage)
Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: minor character/death spot
Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Friends: Yoshi M&M
Enemies: Orange, Pear, Knife (possibly)
Death(s): sliced
Family: Yoshi (Friend) M&M (Brother)
First Appearance: Kitchen Carnage
Portrayer: Joe Nation

Apple appeared in Kitchen Carnage.


  • Whoa!
  • What's going on up in here?
  • Yo, I'm talking to you guys.
  • Hello?
  • (imitates babbling) What's wrong with you man?
  • You know, besides being an orange. (laughs)
  • Hey, hey Minute Maid, why don't you clean up this place? (laughs)
  • What's the matter? Your mouth won't open?
  • Maybe a little "cit-rusty".
  • (chuckles) Booyah!
  • What's your pal's name?
  • Mr. Green Jeans? (laughs)
  • What?
  • (screams while getting cut by Knife).

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