Battle of the Villains: Part 1 is the first part of a special three-part episode of Fruit-Vengers: The Series. It aired on February 7, 2013 and is the eleventh episode. The previous is Grape Generator and the next is Battle of the Villains: Part 2.


The evil ninja Coconut is out to catch Orange to get revenge after he was given another life somehow. He finds Grapefruit and realises that he was one of his prisoners. He imprisons Grapefruit in a large dark cell. What will happen to S.E.G?


  • [Scene starts with Coconut getting out of jail]
  • Coconut: Finally, I can get revenge on that idiotic Orange. I have learned new moves in that prison and I am ready to squeeze the juice right out of that sucker!
  • Star Weapon #1: Let's go boss! We have to kill that juicy thing before the knife comes and slap chops him down on the counter!
  • Coconut: Your right my little friends, lets go on a little journey called "Destroy the Idiotic Annoying Orange and His Companions". [Laughs wickedly]
  • [Episode name title card appears and the episode carries on]
  • [Scene cuts to S.E.G Hideout]
  • Grapefruit: Hey Robo, come over here a sec.
  • Robo-Apple: If you say boss. [Comes over]
  • Grapefruit: Remember that Coconut guy who imprisoned me years ago? Well he has got out of jail and who's out to get Orange!
  • Robo-Apple: That is excellent sir!
  • Grapefruit: Goodbye Orange and hello a new member to S.E.G!
  • [Scene cuts to Coconut in the Kitchen]
  • Coconut: Hey! Mr Apple Juice, tell me where I can find an idiotic Orange who nicknames himself "The Annoying Orange".
  • Apple Juice: I dunno who your talking about Coco.
  • Coconut: If you can't answer then feel my fiery wrath! [Throws nun-chuck chains at Apple Juice]
  • Apple Juice: Hey, get the heck off of me!
  • Coconut: If you won't tell me the truth, you shall be enslaved by the wrath of danger, me!
  • Apple Juice: Help! [Dragged away by Coconut]
  • [Scene cuts to Fruit-Vengers base]
  • Midget Apple: Hey, read the headlines guys.
  • Orange: [Reads headline] "Local prisoner Coconut released from jail!
  • Pear: This is bad news guys. He might be out to get us!
  • [Scene cuts to S.E.G Hideout]
  • Grapefruit: So Robo-Apple, with my new death-
  • Coconut: Who goes down there?
  • Grapefruit: What the? How on Earth did you get into the S.E.G Hideout?
  • Coconut: Well, being a karate master has its tricks. Wait a minute, do I recognise you from somewhere?
  • Grapefruit: [Realises who Coconut is] Uh, I don't think we have ever met in our entire lives to be honest.
  • Coconut: I know you, your that Grapefruit guy who I held hostage when that blasted Orange defeated me with his kung-fruit skills.
  • Grapefruit: Oh no! [Knocked out and dragged away by Coconut]
  • [End of episode]

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