Battle of the Villains: Part 2 is the second part of a special three-part episode of Fruit-Vengers: The Series. It aired on February 8, 2013 and is the twelfth episode. The previous is Battle of the Villains: Part 1 and the next is Battle of the Villains: Part 3.


The Fruit-Vengers find out about Grapefruit's kidnapping and kidnapper. They plan to go to Coconut's castle to actually save Grapefruit but there's an unexpected surprise in the base.


  • [Scene starts in Coconut's castle]
  • Coconut: So, Grapefruit, meet the guy you'll be staying in a cell with, Apple Juice!
  • Grapefruit: Get off me you hairy punk!
  • Coconut: [Throws Grapefruit in the cell]
  • Grapefruit: What did you do to Robo-Apple?
  • Coconut: Oh that piece of junk, I reprogrammed him so he can serve me yummy meals and help me around the castle.
  • Robo-Apple: What would you like, Master Coconut?
  • Coconut: A milkshake would do me fine thank you.
  • Robo-Apple: [Hands over milkshake]
  • Milkshake: Hey, you can't drink me, I'm alive.
  • Coconut: All the better! [Walks off with Robo-Apple]
  • Apple Juice: I wish I had a phone on me so I could call the cops, this guy deserves to go back in prison.
  • Grapefruit: There is something you must know Apple Juice.
  • Apple Juice: What?
  • Grapefruit: I am the leader of S.E.G!
  • Apple Juice: So your evil too?
  • Grapefruit: I suppose, but not as much as that punk. [Indicates to Coconut]
  • [Scene cuts to Fruit-Vengers base]
  • Marshmallow: Great news guys!
  • Midget Apple: What is it?
  • Marshmallow: Grapefruit has been locked up in a cell in Coconut's castle!
  • Orange: Did you say Coconut?
  • Marshmallow: Oh no... We've got to save Grapefruit!
  • Coconut: Too late little buddy! [Puts Fruit-Vengers in a cage]
  • Passion: Get us out of here!
  • Coconut: For years, I have been the lonely one in a cell, now its what K would call, um, PAYBACK! [Jumps into moonlight]
  • [End of episode]

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