Beef Boys is the seventh episode of Annoying Orange: The Reality Show and the second episode of Season 2. It aired on February 9, 2013 and is the seventh episode.


A gang of beef comes into the Kitchen and the contestants must fight off the punks or be beaten down hard by the muscly gangs of beef.


  • Setting: Studio
  • Orange: Welcome back to yet another episode of Annoying Orange: The Reality Show! Who will be eliminated this week?
  • Red: OMG, there's a gang of beef over there!
  • Beef #1: Attack!
  • Mandy: Alright team, let's fight the beef!
  • Garret: Cawcaw!
  • Peeve: Buzz...
  • Passion: Mango, watch out!
  • Beef #2: Swing the axe boys.
  • Pear: Watch out!
  • Mango: Is this part of the competition Orange?
  • Orange: It wasn't intended, but this can replace my other idea.
  • Garret: Cawcaw.
  • Mandy: Shut it!
  • Pear: Watch out Red.
  • [Beef #3 swings nunchuck]
  • Red: Best you got?
  • Beef #3: No.
  • Beef #1: Needing back up over here.
  • Mango: Take this!
  • Beef #2: Retreat!
  • LATER...
  • Orange: Today's eliminated contestant is...Peeve!
  • Peeve: Buzz...
  • Orange: Goodnight.
  • [End of episode]

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