Broccoli Minions
Character Information
Gender: male
Credits: alien
Also known as: Broccoli
Owner: Broccoli Leader
Friends: Orange, Pear, Broccoli Leader (Sometimes)
Enemies: Broccoli Leader
Death(s): one of them was killed by Halloweenie
Family: each other
First Appearance: Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind
Portrayer: Dane Boedigheimer

The Broccoli Minions are Igor-like alien assistants of Orange and the Broccoli Leader.


The broccoli minions were Broccoli Leader's assistants. After the Broccoli Leader's death, they made Orange their new leader and carved his face in the moon (which Orange said was Onion) for him. One broccoli minion returned in the Halloween special Frankenfruit, being the left shin for the horrifying Frankenfruit. This minion eventually died in the Halloweenie attack.

They were all played by Dane Boedigheimer.

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