Cheese Cracker
AO Cheez-It
Character Information
Gender: male
Credits: Hero, nice guy, main character, republican
Friends: Orange, Blueberry (Cheez-It), Paprika (one-sided, now best friends), Zoom (possibly), Apple (Autotuned), Pear, Marshmallow, Midget Apple, Salt, Ninja Fruit (after smashing French Fry), Rhubarb (possibly), Coca Cola, Passion Fruit, Hammer and many more.
Enemies: The Sharpest Knives in the Drawer, French Fry, Ninja Fruit (when smashed French Fry), B, Inca Kola, Orange (when got angry at Orange in Coca-Cola), Screwdriver, Circular Saw, Knife (previously), Orange Clock, murder weapons, most other cranky characters (except Grapefruit)
Death(s): none, but almost got smashed by Ninja Fruit, Inca Kola was on his mouth and almost got killed while an atomic bomb was in a kitchen
Family: Cheez-It Crackers, Georgie (uncle)
First Appearance: Annoying Orange: Cheez-It
Portrayer: Kipkay

Cheese Cracker is a character that is very polite and high tempered and good friends with Orange. He got angry once at Orange while Coca Cola called him names. Cheese Cracker likes funky things, spend times with main characters, and he has so many friends that seem to return the favor. According to Democratic Lemon, he likes the republican party. He was once a major character, then he slowly turned into a main character.


Cheese Cracker is considered as a smart, intellectual and sometimes gets down at his friends. He nicely helped out the fruits and vegetables winning the revenge of Orange Clock. In the outtakes, he is going to say he is going to bring his uncle Georgie Crackerman.

Cheese Cracker is a good friends to people like Pear and arch-enemies to Orange Clock. It is possible that he has a family as large as Grapefruit.


As a good friend, he has a personality to foods as a cracker.


Pear is "possibly" as smart as Cheese Cracker, they are possibly close friends. They met in Cracker Jacked.


Paprika and Cheese Cracker are certain best friends, after Paprika sprinkled himself in Cheese Cracker's tounge. Possibly in a future episode they can show very BIG relationship as seasoning and cracker.


Orange and Cheese Cracker are good friends. Cheez-It dosen't care if he is annoying, whenever he's mad at Orange the relationship can change into enemies or frenemies.

Blueberry (Cracker Jacked)

It seems that Blueberry has met Cheese Cracker before (possibly met while they were child).

Orange Clock

With Orange Clock, they fought alot until Orange Clock got booted to Newgrounds.


  • It seems that Cheese Cracker can play the piano, harmonica and guitar he said in an outtakes episode.
  • To be put specifically, he is a Cheez-it cracker.

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