Chunks of Tuna: Part 2 is the tenth episode in Annoying Orange: The Reality Show and the fifth episode in Season 2. It aired on February 12, 2013 and is the tenth episode.


Warnings spread around about the undead tuna and the whole of the Kitchen come to fight the dead. Who will be infected by tunas? Who will fight for the Kitchen? And who will be crowned winnner of the Reality Show?


  • [Tuna crawl around the Studio and the Kitchen]
  • Setting: The Kitchen
  • Reality Show Crew: We came as fast as we could. Is everyone alright?
  • Pineapple: Does it look ok?
  • [Infected food crawl around like zombies]
  • Passion: How do we stop them?
  • Garret: Stop. Squawk!
  • Passion: Shut up Garret!
  • Mandy: Don't tell my partner to shut up.
  • Pear: Hey, tuna!!!
  • [Tuna lunge at Passion and Mandy]
  • Orange: [To camera crew] We're just gonna stop filming a second.
  • Cameraman: Why?
  • Orange: Do it.
  • Cameraman: Yes sir.
  • Tuna: [Growls]
  • Red: This is a disaster!
  • Pear: Can I be eliminated?
  • Orange: Uh, sure.
  • Pear: Yes!
  • Garret: Squawk, can I be eliminated?
  • Red: Yeah.
  • Passion: I guess it's just me and you Mandy.
  • Mandy: I know how to win this.
  • Passion: You mean you can stop the tuna?
  • Mandy: Yes.
  • Red: [Passes gun to Mandy] Here you go.
  • Mandy: [Shoots tuna]
  • Mandy: I did it!
  • Setting: The Studio
  • Orange: So you want to know who the winner is?
  • Audience: Yes!
  • Mandy: Is it me?
  • Orange: Uh...yes!
  • Mandy: Yahoo!
  • [1 million dollars drop]
  • Orange: Thank you for watching! Join us in Season 3 please!
  • [End of episode]

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