Annoying Orange Comedy Roast


1.Comedy Roast

2.Once Upon an Orange

3.Ask Orange (1, 2, and 3 put together into one)

4.Fortune Cookie

5.Orange Goes Hollywood


7.Xmas Card Explosion!!

8.Xmas Card Explosion Series (All put together into one)

9.Midget the Tiny Apple

10.Amnesiac Orange

11.Comedy Clubbing

12.Flower Power

13.Fuit For All!

14.First Person Fruiter

15.Microwave Effect

16.Mommy and Me

Special Features

Viral Videos Season 3 (Subtitles available)

1 BILLION KILLS! (Subtitles available)

Annoying Orange Cartoon Network Topic with Bob Jenz


Languages: English, French, Spanish

Subtitles:English (For the deaf and hard of hearing), French, Spanish


20th Century Fox


Curiousity Company

Annoying Orange Viral Vid Collection

COMING SOON!!!! (Check out this page on February 11 for a surprise!)

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