Dane Boedigheimer
Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: Actor, Film Creator
Also known as: Mr Grabby Pants
Friends: Orange for not saying "You smell like Broccoli" pear, Midget Apple, Passion Fruit, Marshmallow, Grapefruit, Bev Bighead (Maybe), Luke Boedighiemer, Shelly
Enemies: Orange for saying "You smell like Broccoli", Pear (Formerly), Knife, Spider, Grandpa Lemon (Maybe),
Death(s): None
Family: Luke Boedighiemer (Brother)
First Appearance: Hey Youtube
Portrayer: Look at list

Dane Boedigheimer is the maker of the Annoying Orange.



  • What'd you just say
  • Yeah, right.
Voice Actors

Season 1

Dane Boedigheimer

Season 2

Justine Ezairk Robert Jennings Toby Turner Catrific Joe Penna Kevin Brueck Shay Carl Peter Coffin Thresa Barket Dan Henian Zack Scott Rafi Fine Benny Fine Charles Trippy Aaron Massey Lucas Cruikshank Luke Boedighiemer Gregory Benson Brittani Taylor Lauren Kassem G Ray William Johnson Even Ferrate Joe Bereta You Know Who Weezer Rivers Cuomo Kevin Nalts Ian Hecox Anthony Padilla Richard Ryan Weezy Waiter James Caan

Season 3

Lisa Schwartz Steve Greene Shane Danwson Ask A Ninja Chad Sahley Rachel Emmers Jenya Lano Jacksfilms Olga Kay Joe Nation Tristophia Michael Gallager Wifeonalts Luke Barats Michael Buckley Olan Rogers Exotic Jess Will of DC Jason Horton Andy Morgan Supericky06 Jennamarbles Lisbug John Leguizamo Destorm Nicepeter

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