Devil Orange is Orange's more evil side and a character that only appeared in Cruel as a Cucumber.
AO Devil Orange


He first tells Orange to tell Cucumber that "his mother is a pickle". Devil Orange is like Orange only he tells things that are bad (such as telling Orange to spit seeds at Cucumber so that he could like him). He is referred as an antagonist because he is the bad side and evilness of Orange's heart. However, he was looked in horror at Cucumber's death, so he is an anti-hero.

He was played by Dane Boedigheimer.


  • "And we're here to help."
  • "You should tell Cucumber that his mother's a pickle. (laughs)"
  • "What?! No way! Look at him, Orange. You have to show him one of your awesome tricks. How about you spit some seeds at him".
  • "No. Here's what you do Orange, just tell him that......... "
  • "Gee, what kind of wingman are you?"
  • "Hey! Hey, angel! Somebody is using your head for the ring toss! (laughs) "
  • "No, you're an apple."
  • "Apple!"
  • (laughs)
  • Hey orange!

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