Announcer: Epic rap batttttttttttttttles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Announcer: Orange vs. Nigahiga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Begin!

Orange: Yo! Chinese dude with afro! You like an apple!

Orange: You go bad with snapple!

Nigahiga: I ain't chinese, I'm hawaiian, you fruit!

Nigahiga: My videos will make you have a bad toot!

Nigahiga: Suck on my...........

Orange: Not so fast! Ninja! You will be the last!

Nigahiga: Last what?

Orange: None of your beeswax, Freddie Wong!

Nigahiga: RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orange: You will be eaten by King Kong!

King Kong: MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nigahiga: Ow! You are chwing my belly! Oi!

Orange: Hey guys, I am here to announce there will be five weeks of Epic Rap Battles!

Description: Please put in the comments of what I should make Orange rap battle against!

Do it now!!!!!!!!!!!! C'mon!

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