Leaky Faucet
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Orange Pear Leaky Faucet(page is the link)


Leaky Faucet(page is the link)


May 1, 2013



 Was a NON-REAL episode created by Lava1789(me).


Orange: (

Orange:(Hey pear!)

Pear:(Yes, orange?)

Orange:(Did you notice the faucet over there is leaky?)

Pear:(Oh no! I can't beleive you just sa-)

(Leaky Faucet comes out in 3 seconds)

Orange:( :O It's a monster!!!!!)

Pear & Orange:(AAAAAAAH!)

Leaky Faucet:(You both mind shutting up!?)

Both orange and pear: (It talks -AAAH!!!!)

Leaky Faucet:(SHUT UP!)

-*leaky faucets mouth opens spraying water at pear and orange making them burn*

Both:(Ow, stop it, stop it!)

Both: (Genie come please!)

(genie appears)

Genie: (You both get 1 wish. Wish it now.)

Orange:(I wish I had a gun -A LASER GUN!)

Pear:(I WISH I HAD A SWORD!*super fast talk*)

(both get wishes and genie dissapears)

Orange: *shoots leaky faucet in chest*

Leaky Faucet: *falls down drain and faucet turns on wiping him away*

Both: Phew..

(episode ends)

Credits to: Lava1789

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