Here are some of My Episode Ideas for The Annoying Orange.

Season 2012

Picture Episode Description Release Date
Annoying Orange Burp The Alternate Time-Period Orange, Pear, Shelly, Marshmallow And Midget Apple Travel Into A False Universe Where A Collosal-Chain-Of-Annoyance Orange Annoys The Brother Of The First Apple That Orange Met. January 6, 2012
Annoying Orange Meets The Amazing World Of Gumball The Annoying Orange Vs. The Amazing World Of Gumball Liam The Leprachan Sends Orange And Pear To Elmore To Find Secret Clues For His Pot Of Gold. January 13, 2012
Year of the Dragon January 20, 2012
Honey Popper January 27, 2012
Chinese Firecrackers February3,2012

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