Fanon Season 1

Image Name Summary Airdate
AO2 AO:The Android An Android tablet is plugged in to a plug in the kitchen, so Orange decides to annoy it. (First appearance of Orange and Android) January 15, 2010
AO1 AO:Apple Remix The episode "Hey Apple!" is remixed. (First appearance of Pear) January 22, 2010
AO3 AO:Dennis Ball Orange annoys a tennis ball whom he calls "Dennis". January 29, 2010
AO:Banana Bo-Nana Fee Fi Fo Fanna Orange meets two bananas. February 5, 2010
AO:The Bold and the Red Orange meets a strawberry called Red. February 19, 2010
AO:Bluebarry A blueberry takes the series to a whole new level. February 26, 2010
AO:The Extra Rice Orange annoys some rice. March 12, 2010
AO:Whuzzlup The characters from the first Wazzup make a new series called "Whuzzlup". March 19, 2010
AO:Cherry Atop Orange annoys a cherry. March 26, 2010
AO:D'ohnut Orange meets the silliest food of all, the donut. April 2, 2010
AO:Kirby Derby Orange winds up somewhere were Kirby needs to complete his goal, but Orange can only annoy him. April 9, 2010
AO:Catastrophic Weather Orange annoys a tornado when outside. April 16, 2010
AO:Pop-Dart A pop tart comes in acts weird. April 30, 2010
AO:The Fruitcom Orange becomes a sitcom. (first appearance of Passion) May 7, 2010
AO:Hyper Coffee A coffee comes and starts becoming hyper all over the kitchen. May 14, 2010
AO:The Annoying Sound of Music Orange interrupts a band performing. May 28, 2010
AO:Blueberry is Back? Blueberry's annoying brother comes to the kitchen to avenage his brother's death. June 4, 2010
AO:Blackberry and Blackberry A Blackberry phone and a few blackberries fruits come. June 18, 2010
AO:Whuzzlup 2:Tortillaaaahhh The Whuzzlup gang do Whuzzlup again with Pear joining and with a tortilla. June 25, 2010
AO:Boarth of July Orange is outside celebrating the 4th of July but a boar comes unexpectedly. July 2, 2010
AO:Melon the Martian Orange, Pear and Passion go to Mars with a spacesuit and meet a martian melon. July 9, 2010
AO:Tom, Jerry and Orange Orange and Jerry annoy Tom to get him in trouble. July 16, 2010
AO:Breckfist Orange annoys some breakfast meals. July 23, 2010
AO:E.T.T. (stands for Extraterrestrial Tomatoes) Orange and Pear are outside and a UFO comes and takes them, and the aliens turn out to be tomatoes. July 30, 2010
AO:Liam's Revenge Liam wants to get revenge on Orange. August 6, 2010
AO:Pepper Snapper Orange meets a green pepper (not the one from the Sitcom) and the pepper is a snapper. August 13, 2010
AOPrankCall2 AO:Prank Call 2:Hair Salon with TOE-MAY-TOE Orange and Tomato (from the third episode, being revived) do a prank call on a hair salon. August 20, 2010
AO:Outtakes A list of outtakes for some of the episodes. August 27, 2010
AO:Who Let the Oranges Out? Full Song The song Orange sang in The Orange Cup is turned into a full version song. August 27, 2010

Season 2

Image Name Summary Airdate
AO:Whuzzlup 3:Wattup Random Wazzup episode. September 10, 2010

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