200px-Fat Radish
Fat Radish
Placeholder person
Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: Death spot
Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Friends: Orange
Death(s): None, but stabbed by Knife
First Appearance: annoying pear

Fat Radish was an abnormally big (being four times the size of Turnip) and obese radish that appeared in Annoying Pear.


Presumably a friend of Orange, Fat Radish only makes a very small apearance, after Orange calls Fat Radish (which Passion believed to have been Turnip) it then cuts to the actual Fat Radish beside Turnip asking Orange what's up, Orange then pronounces Knife and Fat Radish is stabbed by Knife through his body. Turnip's eyes become really big when he gets stabbed.


  • He is wearing a shirt that says, "Han Shot First!", a reference to Star Wars.
  • It is implied that his girth is actually muscles, as his appearance gives off the vibe he is an exerciser.
  • Fat Radish is the first radish to appear in the series.

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