Fight for Friends is the eighth episode of Annoying Orange: The Reality Show and the third episode of Season 2. It aired on January 10, 2013 and is the eighth episode


Poison gases release a toxic reaction on the contestants meaning that they become increasingly nasty to each other. Will the contestants overcome their anger or will they stay furious at each other?


  • Setting: The Studio

  • Orange: Hello and welcome back to the Reality Show! Last week Peeve was eliminated! Who will join him?
  • Mandy: Not me.
  • Red: Let out the gas.
  • Passion: The what?
  • Orange: The fury gas! HAHAHA!
  • Pear: Run!
  • Orange: [Drops cage] Nowhere to run!
  • Pear: Dang.
  • [Gas hits everyone]
  • 'Passion: I hate everyone!
  • Mango: Why did she say that?
  • Orange: It is the affect of the gas. Everyone turns angry.
  • Mango: I hate you!
  • Garret: Caw! Hate you. Caw!
  • Pear: How to we stop the gas?
  • Red: It's easy enough dude.
  • Pear: How?
  • Red: Honestly, you are so dumb.
  • [Everything goes blurry]
  • [Orange and Red take the gas off everyone]
  • Setting: The Kitchen
  • Orange: The next contestant to be eliminated is... Mango
  • Mango: I hate you!
  • Orange: Has he still got the gas on him?
  • Red: No, he's just angry like that!
  • [End of episode]

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