Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Handball, Lemonhead, Handball Lemonhead
Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Friends: Orange, Pear
Enemies: Orange (Sometimes), Soccer Ball, Dane Boedigheimer
First Appearance: Super Bowl Football

Handball Lemonhead


January 2, 1974 (age 36 in AO6 and 38 at this time)

Years Active


Football was a character in Super Bowl Football and he was kicked and he was never seen again.


  • Whoa..whoa.
  • Hi there.
  • Me? I'm a football.
  • No,no,no, a foot-ball.
  • Get it? not made of feet.
  • Oh, no your not.
  • Not America buddy.
  • Freakin' Tourists.
  • No, nobody's made of feet.
  • Boy, what's wrong with you.
  • Yeah, Newsflash, thanks.
  • Hey! Do you even know wht a football is?
  • No.
  • Football is a game that picks two worthy opponets against each other in an areana of violence and grace.
  • It's the only true..
  • What?
  • Yeah, that's not even funny.
  • I'm shaped like this so it's easy to throw me.
  • Yeah?
  • No.
  • That's not my name.
  • It's football!
  • All right, this is getting a little..
  • That's disgusting.
  • Yeah, and I'm not going to.
  • Stop that,
  • No, I'm pretty sure I won't love it.

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