AO Franken Fruit
Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: Death spot but Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon and Gourd survieved
Also known as: Tummy
Owner: Unnamed Scientist (former cretor), Victor Frankenstien (Current Cretor)
Friends: Unnamed Scientist! Each other
Enemies: Orange, Pear, Haloweenie
Death(s): Yes but Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon and Gourd survieved
First Appearance: Annoying Orange: Frankenfruit
Portrayer: Bobjenz


Frankenfruit was one of the monsters that the Unnamed Scientist brought to life. Grapefruit (as the head and the only part of the monster that can talk) wants to take revenge for his death in Passion of the Fruit. He attempted to kill Orange and Pear, but he fails because Halloweenie came and attacked him. After the Fruity Question of the Day, you can see, that Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon, and Gourd are still alive, as Grapefruit got Grandpa Lemon's butt on his face and telling him to take it away (in the outtakes, Grandpa Lemon farts in Grapefruit's face since he misinterperated "Move it, gramps!" for "I've got gas!" and Grandpa Lemon finds it a "coincidence" since he also had gas.).


  • "I'm not your tummy, Orange."
  • "That's right, Orange! Grapefruit is back and badder than ever!"
  • "Save it, wasteoid! I got all the help I'm gonna need to squash you and that dimpled dimwit."
  • "Oh, I'm sorry. I can't hear you. I'm too busy flexing."
  • "Let's hear it, smarty-pants! Any last words?"
  • "Ooh, my butt!"
  • "Wha-what's going on here?"
  • "What's going on here is that you're butt is in my face. Move it, gramps!"
  • "That's Halloween 'ya moron!"


  • Only Grapefruit, Gourd and Grandpa Lemon ever speak despite the other character parts being fully alive.
  • The arms (carrots) are the unique parts as they lack faces.

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