Fan Games

Image Name Instructions
AO Kitchen Carnage 2 Background
Kitchen Carnage 2 Just like the game Kitchen Carnage just more Characters and more to do.
Flip O' Rama
Flip O' Rama Every time a fruit comes kill it by touching it. When Orange, Pear, Little Apple, Passion, Marshmallow,Grandpa Lemon or Grapefruit come don't kill them.
Annoying Orange Game
Annoying Orange Game The main goal is to move the arrow keys to help orange escape based on the episode The Captive Orange.
Quest for orange
Annoying Quest Orange has to retrieve 7 magical things to earn Liam's pot of gold, but Liam has other things in mind! Now Orange and the gang have to stop Liam from using the 7 magic items to rule the world! Based off the show Orangeco Incorperated.

Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage Seasons Annoying Orange Kitchen Carnage Seasons is a game who was released on December 1, 2011, Then, a new fruit Grapefruit debuts the game "Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage Christmas".
Super Orange Galaxy Super Orange Galaxy This game is a spoof of Super Mario Galaxy he has to do the same what Mario done in that game.
Orange Kart Wii Orange Kart Wii Orange Kart Wii is a spoof of Mario Kart Wii.
Super Orange Galaxy 2 Super Orange Galaxy 2 This game is a spoof of Super Mario Galaxy 2 he has to do the same what Mario done in that game.
Annoying Orange
Coming Soon! Another game coming soon!

TBA... Annoying Orange Kartz You choose over 32 fun Annoying Orange charatcers as you race through awesome locations.

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