AO Gecko
Aliases/Nicknames: Apple
Owner: Geico
Credits: death spot
Gender: Male
Portrayer: Kevin Brueck
Death: Run over by a car
Friends: Geico Dude (possibly)
Enemies: Orange
First Appearance: Annoying Orange vs. Gecko

Gecko was a mascot working at the major car company Geico and Carco, he is a respected spokesman.


Gecko is the mascot for Geico the company of cars for whom he works for. Being annoyed by Orange because he thought Gecko was fruit, he was ironically ran over by a passing car, which distraughted Pear because Gecko was supposedly their ride back home.


  • "No actually I'm a gecko."
  • "I'm a lovable type of lizard, mate."
  • "No, obviously not that."
  • "I'll let you know, I'm one of the most respected car insurance spokespeople in the business!"
  • "(sighs) (sarcastically) What?".
  • "(hit by car) AHHHHHHH!"
  • Yes, mate?

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