Heavy Duty Marshmallow is the second episode of Fruit-Vengers: The Series. It aired on January 16, 2013 and is the second episode. The previous is Super Hero Strike and the next is The Space Race.


Marshmallow grows massive after drinking a strange substance and feels resistant to everything. Grapefruit sees his chance, and hypnotises Marshmallow into becoming a monster that will kill the Fruit-Vengers.


  • [Scene starts with Marshmallow talking to Pear and Midget Apple]
  • Marshmallow: So then I saw Robo-Apple, and I clearly shot him with my trusty weapon, the Sugar Ray 4000.
  • Orange: [In corner] Show off.
  • Passion: Orange, just because Marshmallow took down Robo-Apple doesn't mean you have to take a grudge.
  • Orange: But I should deserve to finish off that guy, seeing Grandpa Lemon said that I was the leader.
  • Passion: OH MY GOSH!!!
  • Orange: What?
  • [Scene shows Marshmallow growing to enormous size]
  • Midget Apple: How did that happen?
  • Marshmallow: I was drinking some of that Kool-Ade and suddenly I turned massive. It never happens when I drink Zoom.
  • Pear: I'll tell you what happens when you drink Zoom, you go mental!
  • Marshmallow: Never mind, I always wanted to be bigger than Midget Apple!
  • Midget Apple: That's Little Apple!
  • Marshmallow: Hey, now that I'm huge, I don't feel pain. I AM EPIC!
  • [Scene cuts to Grapefruit spying on the Fruit-Vengers through a CCTV cam fitted into the base wall]
  • Grapefruit: Perfect, now I can hypnotise Marshmallow into crushing the Fruit-Vengers altogether. Not very good heroes now. Robo-Apple, send in the Hypno-Shroom.
  • Robo-Apple: Sir, they are still taking sugar out of my circuits. How about in a little while?
  • Grapefruit: You better go or I'll scrap you into a new robot.
  • Robo-Apple: Right away! [Places Hypno-Shroom in holder]
  • [Scene cuts back to the base]
  • Robo-Apple: Let's see how you like these apples, Marshmallow. [Drops Hypno-Shroom into Marshmallow's drink]
  • Marshmallow: [Sips on drink] Tastes weird... what's happening to me?
  • [Marshmallow's body turns brown and his eyes turn red]
  • Pear: Marshmallow, what happened? First giant, now evil?
  • Marshmallow: Shut up Pear, and let me destroy you!
  • Passion: Guys, Marshmallow has been hypnotised and think I know who did it.
  • Orange: S.E.G!
  • [Marshmallow swipes to destroy Orange]
  • Orange: Not so fast! [Flies into air and lava shoots Marshmallow making him turn normal again]
  • Marshmallow: What happened? Hey, I'm not huge anymore!
  • Passion: Thank Orange!
  • Orange: Well!
  • Passion: Didn't I tell you?
  • Orange: I guess you did.
  • Fruit-Vengers: FRUIT-VENGERS FOREVER!!!
  • [End of episode]

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