Credits Minor Appearence
Gender Male
Portrayer Patrick Wilson
Death No
Friends Snowball(Best Friend),Orange, Mangosteen, Tulip, Sunflower 1, Sunflower 2, Rose, Golden Apple, Turnip,Pear (Probably),Jolokia, Chillie, Harbanero, Honey, Beer, Mayonaise, Salt, Pepper
Enemies Victor Frankenstien
First Appearance Annoying orange: Killing Spree

Ice-cube was a character who first appeared in the episode Killing Spree. He is seen with Snowball cooling off near the air conditioner . He and snowball seems to be best friends but does not talk. Orange must of forgot about him and snowball because orange said Mangosteen was the only one left.


  • His mouth is really hard to see.

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