Juice Boxes
Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: Death spot
Also known as: Squares, sweetalker, Cherry, Blue, Dude
Owner: Dane Boedigheimer
Friends: Each Other Orange' (Comedy Roast) Pear, (Comedy Roast)
Enemies: Orange, (Juice Boxing) Pear,(Juice Boxing) Each other (at the beginning)
Death(s): Cherry was drinked by Dane.

Blue exploded.

Family: each other
First Appearance: Annoying Orange: Juice Boxing
Portrayer: Barats & Bereta

Juice Boxes appeared in Juice Boxing.


  • What?
  • I'm just sayin a second a go it was dark and cool.
  • How is this my fault?
  • thanks
  • Uh, why is that?
  • Theres on in every kitchen.
  • What are you- What are you talking about?
  • Hey Purv, stop looking at my label it's non of your business.
  • Hey I'm suprised he can read.
  • Uh, thats my flavour.
  • I taste like cherries.
  • Oh, come on.
  • More like a Blue raspberry.
  • Hey, Ever think is inside that counts.
  • that's it I give up.
  • One billion and 3
  • No I pased basic maths.
  • It's really hot in here.
  • Can we go back to the fridge now.
  • Seriously
  • What? why are you doing that?
  • The yelling, the hey.
  • It's all "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!"
  • Stop it.
  • Stop it with the "hey"
  • No more hey alright were not doing that anymore.
  • No more "hey"!
  • What!
  • Yah!
  • My head!

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