Orange and Pear prepare for St. Patrick's Day. But their plan is ruined when alot of fruits and veggies gets killed.



Who stole me pot of gold? Hahahahahhah!

Hey, it's jolly green giant!

Ahhhhh! It's a Monster Rainbow!!!


The carnage has returned.

What is Liam doing here?

I'm so scared!!!!!!

Liam The Leprechaun:

What am I doing in the kitchen?!

Ouchie! My organs!

Oh no, it's the Monster Rainbow

Chef Daneboe:

I will kill every fruit in this kitchen!

I will show no mercy.

Who wants chainsaws?!

Apple,Banana,Tomato,Canteloupe,Pineapple,Strawberry,Fred Figglecorn, and Red Raspberry:


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