Let the Carnage Begin is the first episode of Annoying Orange: The Reality Show. It aired on January 13, 2013. It is the pilot episode.


Orange presents this brand new spin-off by introducing the two teams, Team Slush and Team Junk. They battle it out, risking the lives of many good fruit.


  • Setting: The Kitchen
  • Orange: Hello my fellow fruit and veggies, welcome to my brand new show, Annoying Orange: The Reality Show! In this show, the Slush and the Junk teams battle it out in many challenges. In every episode, a contestant will be eliminated! Let's hand it over to Red the Raspberry!
  • Red: Well thanks Orange, it's an honour to be co-hosting this new show and I hope you will really enjoy it! Please welcome to the stage, the Slush!
  • Marshmallow: Yeah! I'm part of Team Slush! I can't wait to start the games. Are there unicorns?
  • Red: [Sighs] No Marshmallow, there is no unicorns in this section. Now I will tell you the entire Team Slush members, Marshmallow, Apple, Muddy Buddy, Mango, Pear, and Passion!
  • Muddy Buddy: Just call me Spud bro! And please for goodness sake can someone turn down the lights a bit! It's killing my eyes!
  • Red: Now let's meet Team Junk! Introducing, Grapefruit, Grandpa Lemon, Mandy, Liam, Garret, and Peeve!
  • Orange: In today's episode of the Reality Show, the teams will race against the clock to save the lives of many fruits! They will have half-an-hour to get the fruits free. The Hungry Games return!
  • Red: You said it Orange! Without further a due, let the carnage begin!
  • Pear: Alright team, we need to save those fruits!
  • Mango: Well I was actually a life coach so I think I'll be really good at this competition. What do you think?
  • Muddy Buddy: Sheesh man, just because you were a life coach doesn't mean you have to boss everyone about, and to make a point, you got a fork in your eye!
  • Mango: Just shut up, shut up I say, were you ever a life coach huh? No, just a geek with glasses.
  • Passion: Hate to break up your chat guys, but Team Junk have already got past the counter and unstrapped Carrot!
  • [Scene cuts to Carrot thanking Team Junk]
  • Carrot: Thank you so much guys, I thought you'd never save me on time. Please can you save my friend Pepper?
  • Liam: Sorry Carrot, but we have to work in order, plus I need me pot o' gold!
  • Carrot: Hey, I wasn't talking to you jolly green giant!
  • Liam: Hey, I'm no giant, I'm a leprechaun!
  • Carrot: I, and I'm a little idiot wee a hat that looks like irish Sean Connery! Get a move on.
  • Liam: I'm telling you, I'll get you next time I will.
  • [Scene cuts to Team Slush losing]
  • Mango: We've lost.
  • Apple: What makes you think that Mango?
  • Mango: They've freed all the prisoners and we have to watch all the ones we have save get knifed.
  • [Montage shows the other fruits being killed]
  • [Scene cuts to elimination ceremony]
  • Orange: I guess you have lost this game so one of you will be eliminated and that guy is... Apple!
  • Apple: I've been sitting quietly all afternoon, and this is what I get? Later guys, I hated this show anyway!
  • Orange: Join us soon in the next episode!
  • [End of episode]

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