Mama Apple
AO Mama Apple
Character Information
Gender: female
Credits: Mother of Midget Apple
Friends: Midget Apple (son), Pear, Mama Pear, Marshmallow, Orange, Mama Orange
Enemies: None
Family: Midget Apple (son)
First Appearance: Mommy and Me
Portrayer: Dane Boedigheimer

Mama Apple is the mom of Midget Apple. She seems to care a lot about Midget Apple, who returns the feelings. Unlike Midget Apple, she is an average-sized apple and has greyish hair.

She only appeared in Mommy and Me.


  • She is the first apple to be shown with hair.
  • She is the nineteenth apple in the series.
  • She is the third female apple, as well as the first red female apple.
  • As she is an average sized apple, it is assumed that Midget Apple is simply very young and not a midget.

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