AO Moldywarts
Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: antagonist/death spot (if he's Moldywarts), death spot (if he's an apple)
Also known as: Fruit that must not be named, fruit who has no nose, Lord Moldywarts
Friends: Orange Potter (if he's an apple), Grandpa Lemondore (possibly)
Enemies: Orange Potter, Pear Weasley, Passiony Granger, Snapefruit, Knife (As an apple)
Death(s): As normal: None

As an apple: got knifed, and dissappeared

First Appearance: Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple

Moldywarts was the main antagonist of the episode Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple. Like his name states, he was a moldy apple covered in warts (unitil he was changed into a young apple). He was played by Benny Fine of The Fine Bros.


  • He is a refrence to Voldemort, indecated by the titles The Fruit That Must Not Be Named.

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