Character Information
Credits: antagonist
Friends: Grapefruit (formerly), Toshiaki, Other Orange (formerly), Mr. Nosey (formerly), Knife (formerly), Squash (formerly), Mr. whiskers (formerly), Orange's enemies (formerly), orange, Pear, Victor Frankenstein, Wierd Girl, Edgar E Gore, Bob, Orange's friends
Enemies: Orange (formerly), Pear (formerly), Grapefruit, Victor Frankenstein (formerly), Orange's friends (formerly), Mr. whiskers, Squash, Knife, Other Orange, Mr. Nosey, Orange's enemies.
First Appearance: Annoying Orange: Meets Frakenweenie

Nassor is a secondary antagonist character inthe series-movie.

He tries to kill or destroy orange for saying his best friend Toshiaki for saying 'are they ' Wierd "?

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