Opposite Orange
Placeholder person
Character Information
Gender: Male
Friends: Opposite Pear, Mega Apple, Opposite Marshmallow (one sided), Opposite Passion Fruit, Opposite Lemon, Opposite Kiwi, Opposite Shelly, Opposite Bananas, Opposite Grandpa Lemon, Opposite Squash, Opposite Grapefruit, Opposite Apple, Pear (one sided), Midget Apple, Grandpa Lemon (possibly), Opposite Liam
Enemies: Orange, Pear (one sided), Marshmallow, Passion Fruit, Lemon, Kiwi, Apple Bananas, Shelly, Squash, Grapefruit, Opposite Marshmallow (one sided), Opposite Knife Anyone who makes jokes or laugh
Death(s): Knifed along with Pear and Mega Apple
Portrayer: Ray William Johnson

Opposite Orange is the most serious orange in the world. Unlike Orange, he was voiced by Ray William Johnson.

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