Orange Clock
Placeholder person
Character Information
Gender: Male
Credits: Cheez-It's arch-enemy
Owner:, Clock Crew
Friends: Clock Crew, B, Lock Legion (possibly), Orange, Pear, Marshmallow, Midget Apple, Cheez-It, Knife (Sometimes To All)
Enemies: Orange, Pear, Marshmallow, Midget Apple, Cheez-It, Knife
Death(s): None, but got knifed twice (got booted to
Family: Clock Crew
First Appearance: Annoying Orange: Strawberry Clock

Orange Clock appeared in both Annoying Orange: Strawberry Clock and Annoying Orange: Diamond Q. Also he went to the counter to get revenge on Cheez-It in Annoying Orange: Cheez-It vs. Orange Clock but was knifed again and was booted to Newgrounds.


  • He is one of the characters outside of the series that are multiple show characters.

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