Banana Joe: Hey, it's our short.



[hip-hop music]


Banana Joe:hmdooooh---

Penny:Stop doing the hip-hop music,I'm

trying to use the toilet!

[door slam]

Cartoon Network


Racers (debut at

The game has a total of 64 characters .

Character Type Category First Appearance Battle and Unlock
Orange Medium Oranges Hey Apple! Available from the start
Darwin Medium Fish The DVD Unlock Lord Garmadon
Jay ZX Cruiser Ninjas The Snake King Unlock Stone General
Black Phantom Medium  Robots Hero Factory Breakout Unlock Covenant Grunt
Master Chief Medium  Heroes Halo combat evolved Unlock Covenant Elite
NRG Zane Medium NRG ninjas Tick Tock Unlock Brute Chieftain
Mecha King Ghidorah Heavy Monsters Godzilla vs King Ghidorah Battle Turtle Tuck, Unlock Samurai X
Pear Medium Pears Hey Apple! Battle Bowser, Unlock Anais
Mama Pear Cruiser Pears Mommy & Me Battle Ice King, Unlock Penny
Baby Pear Light Pears Orange Kart Wii Battle The Joker, Unlock Covenant Jackal
Midget Apple Feather Apples Crab-apple Available from the start
Red Delicious Medium Apples Teenage Mutant Ninja Apples Unplayble
Cole ZX Medium  Ninjas  Starter set Battle Pteranodon Minions, Unlock Cob Cops
Zane ZX Medium Ninjas 9440 Battle The Grinch, Unlock Hyper Zetton
X Savarga Light Monsters Ultraman Gaia Battle Grinch Minions, Unlock Shazak
Cosmo Liquid Cruiser Monsters Ultraman Taro Battle Lollypop With Swirls, Unlock Evolu
Gumball Medium Cats The Responsible Battle Evil Elf, Unlock The Overlord
Nerdy Apple Cruiser Apples The Dating Game Battle Armored Koopa, Unlock Ball Weevil
Passion Fruit Light Passion Fruits Passion of the Fruit Available from the start
Mandy Light Passion Fruits Wishful Thinking Battle Dark Mario, Unlock Sensei Wu
Baby Passion Feather Passion Fruits Orange Kart Wii Battle Shredder, Unlock Lasha
Baby Mandy Feather Passion Fruits Orange Kart Wii Battle Kraang, Unlock Bobert
Mama Passion Light Passion Fruits Passion's Parents Battle Foot Soldier, Unlock Fangdam
Papa Passion Light Passion Fruits Passion's Parents Play as Mandy 5 times
Grapefruit Cruiser Grapefruits Passion of the Fruit Available from the start
Grapefruit's Sister Cruiser Grapefruits Grapefruit's Revenge Battle Mr L, Unlock Dough
Grapefruit's Mailman Cruiser Grapefruits Grapefruit's Revenge Play as Grapefruit 12 times
Grapefruit's Nephew Medium Grapefruits Food Court Play as Grapefruit 15 times
Dry Fruit Light Grapefruits Orange Kart Wii Play as Grapefruit 20 times
Dry Grapefruit Cruiser Grapefruits Orange Kart Wii Play as Grapefruit 25 times
Pineapple Cruiser Pineapples Pain-apple Battle Bowser jr, Unlock Fang Suei
Pineapple Cruiser Pineapples Fruit for All! Play as Pineapple 10 times
Grandpa Lemon Medium Lemons Grandpa Lemon Available from the start
Lemon Light Lemons Wazzup! Play as Grandpa Lemon 15 times
Lemon Light Lemons Wasssabi Play as Grandpa Lemon 15 times
Pumpkin Heavy Pumpkins Plumpkin Battle Stockmanpod, Unlock Luigi
Gourd Medium Pumpkins Frankenfruit Battle Miss Simian, Unlock Lloyd ZX
Carrot Cruiser Carrots Frankenfruit  Battle Baby Bowser, Unlock NRG Jay
Baby Carrot Feather Carrots Ask Orange 2 Battle Giga Bowser, Unlock Skalidor
Radish Feather Radishes Food Court Battle Metal Sonic, Unlock NRG Cole
Fat Radish Heavy Radishes Annoying Pear Battle The Riddler, Unlock NRG Kai
Tina Rex Cruiser dinosaurs The Quest DLC
Broccoli Minion Light Broccoli Florets Close Encounters Battle Leek, Unlock NRG Lloyd
Frankenfruit Heavy Frankenfruits Frankenfruit DLC
Frankenfruit's Mailman Heavy Frankenfruits 2012 Frankenfruit Battle Frankenfruit, Unlock Pythor
Marshmallow Feather Miscellaneous Annoying Orange Saw 2 Available from the start
Liam the Leprechaun Cruiser Miscellaneous Luck o' the Irish Available from the start
Neo Dragonoid Cruiser Miscellaneous Bakugan Brawling Battle Robotic Power Tom, Unlock Potato
Cheese Cruiser Miscellaneous A Cheesy Episode
Ginger Light Miscellaneous No More Mr. Knife Guy
Pepper Cruiser Miscellaneous The Sitcom
Yellow Pepper Light Miscellaneous Frankenfruit
Art Sweetheart Feather Miscellaneous The Dating Game
Pomegrante Light Miscellaneous The Dating Game
Cabbage Cruiser Miscellaneous Excess Cabbage
Celery Cruiser Miscellaneous Excess Cabbage
Onion Rings Feather Miscellaneous The Onion Ring
Mario Medium Miscellaneous Super Mario Battle Metal Overlord, Unlock Mango LeStache
Sausage Light Miscellaneous Bonsai Tree
Cucumber Medium Miscellaneous Cruel as a Cucumber
Mango Light Miscellaneous It Takes Two To Mango
Steve the Strawberry Feather Miscellaneous Back to the Fruiture
Raspberry Feather Miscellaneous Rap-berry
Pot Roast Medium Miscellaneous

Comedy Roast

Battle King Simian [final boss] Unlock Nya


Nitro Courses

Course Normal Staff Ghost Expert Staff Ghost Unlock Time
Marshmallow Circuit 1:21.005 1:12.618 1:16.084
Garmadon's Fortress
Turtle Castle
Dragon's Lair
Pear Circuit 1:30.725 1:21.294 1:25.601
Pteranodon Terrace Lair
Watterson Canyon
Dark Island Run
Orange Circuit 1:39.064 1:28.154 1:32.418
Prison Of Bananas
Serpentine Hills
Covenant Raceway
Lemon Circuit 1:46.705 1:34.093 1:38.735
Elmore Circuit
Junkyard Pass
UNSC Savannah
Passion Fruit Circuit 1:53.076 1:40.918 1:45.684
Tom's Yard
Bowser's Castle
Ninjago City
Bowser's Last Stand
Tokyo Circuit
Ice Kingdom
The Golden Peaks
The Final Battle

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