Annoying Orange ''The Orange Show'' Picture

Pilot episode was the first episode of the series and was before his Youtube channel. He is also living with Nerville (Character in the Televison series) and his fruit stand.


(Title cards apper)

Orange: Hey, hey apple!

Apple: What?!

Orange: Numnumnumnumnumn..


Orange: numnumnumnumnumnum..

Apple: Gosh, you are!

Orange: Nehahahahahahaha!

Apple: (grouns)

Orange: Hey apple!

Apple: WHAT?!!!!!!

Orange: Hand.

Apple: Huh? Whoa where ya tak'in me?

Orange: Whoa! I did not know that apple was going to be "picked up", nehahahahahahaha!

Orange: Uhhhhhhh............Hey pear!

Pear: Don't start.

Orange: Don't start? How am I gonna race with no legs, Nehahahahahaha!

Pear: Orange, one time in your life try not to tell jokes.

Orange: A joke, whats that? did you mean coke?

Pear: I wish I was dead so bad.

Orange: Hey pear!


Orange: You want me to nya to love from me to you from the Beatles?

Pear: No.

Orange: Nyis nyair nyananing nyat nyo nyant ,nyis nyar nyananing nyi nud.nyw nyom nyove num ne no nyo. Nehahahahahaha!

Pear: Shut it.

Nerville: Orange.............That was great sing'in!

Pear: Your kidding.

Nerville: No.

(ending credits show)

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