Return of Robo-Apple is the fourth episode of Annoying Orange: The Reality Show. It aired on January 19, 2013 and is the fourth episode.


Orange finds Robo-Apple in the scrap and decides to set him up as the next competition in the reality show. The gang now must fight against Robo-Apple and Electro-Banana.


  • Setting: The Kitchen
  • Orange: Last time on Annoying Orange: The Reality Show the contestants were forced to move into another kitchen! Liam and Peeve had a big fight and Liam gave up the competition for Team Junk! Grandpa Lemon was the first to be eliminated from Team Junk! Who will join him? Find out today!
  • Red: Orange, call in the gang.
  • Orange: [Whistles]
  • Pear: What do you want us for Orange?
  • Orange: Pear, stop being silly, we have to do the next competition for the TV show remember!
  • Pear: Yes, what are we doing today on the show?
  • Red: Today you will be fighting a guy you met in the future, Robo-Apple!
  • Pear: How did we meet him n the future? We met him in future 2012.
  • Red: Yes but Orange dug him out of the scrap yard and cleaned him up and found him his pal, Electro-Banana, and now you will fight to the death!
  • Setting: Arena
  • Robo-Apple: Remember me?
  • Pear: All too well, all too well.
  • Robo-Apple: Let me introduce my friend, Electro-Banana!
  • Electro-Banana: Hi guys.
  • Robo-Apple: You are supposed to say something aggressive.
  • Electro-Banana: Oh...
  • Orange: Team Slush, you will fight Robo-Apple, Team Junk, you will fight Electro Banana. Begin!
  • Grapefruit: Move aside and let the muscle melt! [Destroys Electro-Banana] Easy as pie!
  • Pie: You calling me easy?
  • Pear: Grapefruit killed Electro-Banana for us!
  • Red: Electro-Banana is down, which mean Team Slush win!
  • Orange: Wait a second Red, Mango is down!
  • Mango: Get me my mummy!
  • Pear: Baby!
  • Red: Uh, I mean Team Junk win!
  • Team Junk: We didn't finish Round 1!
  • Setting: The Kitchen
  • Orange: Mango lost today's competition for Team Slush so Marshmallow is out!
  • Marshmallow: Bye.
  • [End of episode]

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