Slender Man
File:Slender Man.jpg
Character Information
Gender: Male (Possibly)
Credits: Death spot
Also known as: Tender Man, Slender Man, Blender Man, Skinny Mime (all By Orange)
Owner: Himeself
Enemies: Midget Apple, Orange, Pear, Bananas (Season 2)
Death(s): got hit by a car with Midget Apple
First Appearance: Annoying orange vs. SlenderMan
Portrayer: Bobjenz

Slender Man

Slender Man is the man or a creature in the Annoying orange. Slender man appears when Orange wonders the Discovers slender Man Is right next to him. When Slnder Man tells Orange to hide this pages to the different place but Orange wonders got this 7 Pages because slender man got 1 page to take it away from orange and later he got hit by a car.


File:Slender Man.jpg

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