Super Orange Galaxy
Super Orange Galaxy
Super Orange Galaxy Cover


Computer (Download), Nintendo Wii



Release Date

1 February 2012


Adventure, Platforming

Super Orange Galaxy is a fan game. It is a spoof of Super Mario Galaxy. In this game, Coconut captures Passion. So Orange begins his journey through many galaxies with Rosalina The watcher of the world.


Click here to see Super Orange Galaxy 2


  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Living Room
  • Garage
  • Garden



  • Fruit Egg Galaxy
  • Beehive Galaxy
  • Loopy Doopy Galaxy
  • Machinery Galaxy
  • Coconut Jr's Magic World
  • Sweet Candy Galaxy (Hungry Luma 400)


  • Fruit Junk Galaxy
  • Rolling Pinball Galaxy
  • Battlefruit Galaxy
  • Hurry Scurry Galaxy
  • Coconut's Lava Lair
  • Sticky Storm Galaxy (Hungry Luma 400)

Living Room:

  • Seed Side Galaxy
  • Spooky Mansion Galaxy
  • Bubbly Galaxy
  • Pokemòn Galaxy
  • Coconut Jr's Airship Attack
  • Goalmouth Galaxy (Hungry Luma 1000)


  • Chocolate Cake Galaxy
  • Dusty Sand Galaxy
  • Freezing Flames Galaxy
  • Honey Comb Galaxy
  • Coconut's Land of Five Rivers
  • LOL Galaxy (Hungry Luma 1200)


  • Fun Time Galaxy
  • Sandy Island Galaxy
  • Cowbell Galaxy
  • Boneshark Galaxy
  • Coconut Jr. Molten Land
  • Raining Forest Galaxy (Hungry Luma 2000)


  • Super Fireflame Galxy
  • Pasta Pizza Galaxy
  • Fruit N' Fibre Galaxy
  • Dead Nog Galaxy
  • Boo Boo Galaxy
  • Tea Time Galaxy (Hungry Luma 10,000)

Final Boss Battle:

  • Coconut Galaxy Empire


  • Dino Apple (Fruit Egg Galaxy)
  • King Banana (Fruit Egg Galaxy)
  • Angry Cockroach (Beehive Galaxy)
  • Mega-arm (Coconut Jr's Magic World)
  • Frankenfruit (Fruit Junk Galaxy)
  • Fruit Fly (Fruit Junk Galaxy)
  • Topman (Battlefruit Galaxy)
  • Coconut (Coconut's Lava Lair)
  • Frankenfruit's Sister (Spooky Mansion Galaxy)
  • Coconut Jr. (*Coconut Jr's Airship Attack)
  • Sandman (Dusty Sand Galaxy)
  • Ice-Cream (Freezing Flame Galaxy)
  • Coconut (Coconut's Land of Five Rivers)
  • Vanilla Cake (Fun Time Galaxy)
  • Shark (Boneshark Galaxy)
  • King Banana (Coconut Jr. Molten Land)
  • Mario (Pasta Pizza Galaxy)
  • Ginger's Ghost (Boo Boo Galaxy
  • Coconut (Coconut Galaxy Empire)

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