This is a video inspired by Super Smash Bros. 4, where orange and his friends go to the smash tryouts and try to become smashers. Mario doesn't like the idea, but likes Orange, and decides that each must fight a canidate and win to get in. the opponent are shaded so that you don't know who the character you chose is fighting. By the way, this is an original annoying orange animated, the first to have more than one part.

Character Matches (each one a different part of the video):

Orange .vs. Mega Man

Pear .vs. Midna

Lord Garmadon .vs. King K. Rool

Passion Fruit .vs. Palutena

Marshmallow .vs. Rayman

Midget Apple .vs. Little Max

Dorako .vs. Bowser Jr.

Squash .vs. Krystal

Darwin .vs. Bowser (a.k.a. King Koopa)

First Vid: Orange .vs. Mega Man

Annoucer: ORANGE...

Orange: (Jumps Down.) Yay!

Annoucer: ...VERSUS MEGA MAN!

Mega Man: On the scene and .... hey! Where's Mario?

Orange: Who Mario? He's over there taking his stand. HAHAHA!!!

Mega Man: (to Mario) Come on, bro...... an orange?

Mario: It's-a him or Bowser.

Mega Man: *groan* Fine....

Announcer: FIGHT!!!!!!!

Mega Man: Alright... (charges Mega Buster).... Take THIS!!!! (Fires the blast, but it does nothing.)

Mega Man: What the... but how?

Orange: HAHAHA...... that tickled! Watch this! (Charges up orange juice spit.) Skoowsh!!! (Sprays juice that takes 40% to Mega Man.)

Mega Man: *Sarcastically* Yeah, that was cool... let me try!

(Mega Man uses his side special to copy Orange Juice Spit.)

Orange: Owwwww.....

Mega Man: Haha!!!!! Now get a taste of your own spitty medicine! (Fires and a seed comes out and hits orange, bringing him to 15%.) 

Mega Man: Huh?

Mario: You-a copied his-a side special!

Orange: Hey Mega Mun, you stole my side dish!

Mega Man: How is that.... hold on, it's not a side dish, it's a side special you idiot!

Orange: Yeah, it's my special-ty. Hahahaha!!!!!!!

Mega Man: Hold on......

Orange: Hey Mega Mun... it's my down special! (throws kiwi at Mega, bringing him to 180%.)

Mega Man: Okay I've... huh?

(A smashball floats downwards.)

Mega Man: Ohohoho..... It's showtime, smorange!

Orange: Cool! It's a shiny basketball!

Mega Man: IT'S MINE!

Orange: Nope Mega Mun. (Spits a seed and breaks it. Orange begins shining.)

Orange: Cool, I'm glowing with coolness..... hahahaha!

Mega Man: No! You're a pure mockery to smash! I WON'T LOSE TO YOU!

Orange: Hey Mega Mun.....

Mega Man: WHHHHAT?!?!

Orange: Galvantula!

Mega Man: Huh? (Galvantula hits him and sends him to his defeat.)

Announcer: WINNER: ORANGE!!!!

Orange: Yay! Whoa, Mega Mun had a real "arachnident" (laughs)

Mario: You get to be in smash bros. with a-me!

Orange: Are there more shiny basketballs?

Mario: Yes!


Second Vid: Pear .vs. Midna

Announcer: PEAR....

(Pear spins and appears)

Pear: This isn't so bad......

Announcer: VERSUS MIDNA!

Orange: Who's that, a Midna-night owl? HAHAHA!!!!

(Wolf Link runs up as Midna jumps from the shadows onto him.)


Midna: I'm ready for anything!

Orange: WOAH! It's a goth elf riding a dog!

Midna: I'm not an elf, or a goth, I'm a twili! And this is a wolf!!!!

Announcer: FIGHT!!!

Midna: Okay.... let's get him Link!

(Wolf Link charges and bites Pear, bringing him to 15%.)


Orange: Woah! That was Dog-gone! HAHAHA!!!!!!

Pear: Alright, take this! (Pear bounces and lands on top of Midna, bringing her to 15%.)

Midna: OWWWWW! Okay hotshot... take this! (Minda swing her clawed ponytail at Pear, bringin him to 48%)

Pear: No ponytail will take me down!

Orange: Yeah, goth elf! Pear's a Hair presser! HAHAHA!!!

Midna: One, I'm not a goth elf, and two.... BANZAI!!!!!!! (Hops off wolf link and Twilight Kicks Pear, bringing him to 75%.)

Pear: *Angerly* OKAY! RELEASE THE SHOE HORN!!!!!!! (Pear duck as shoe horn swing and hit's midna in the mouth, bring ing her to 240%.)

Orange: Woah! Talk about putting your footwear in you mouth! HAHAHA!!!!

Midna: GRRRRR...... Raugh!!! (Whips her hair at Pear, but it misses and hits a smash ball instead.)

Orange: Hey, goth elf's glowing with envy! HAHAHA!

Pear: Glowing? Uh-oh......

Midna: YEEEEEEEES!!!!!! (The twilight armor attaches to midna as she jumps above the stage.)

Pear: Where'd she..... (shadow covers him.) .... huh?

Orange: Hey pear...

Pear: Yeah?

Orange: Midna.

Pear: Wha...AHHHHHH!!!!!!(Minda crashes onto Pear in her monster form, sending pear off the stage.)

Announcer: WINNER: MIDNA

Midna: BOO-YAH!!!!!!

Midget Apple: Cool, but wait, isn't Zelda uneven now?

Link: No problem.... sorry Toon Link, but we have to let you go.

Toon Link: Huh?

(Toon Link gets punted by Link.)

Orange: Yay! Now goth elf can stay!

Midna: It's.... okay, I'm too happy to be angry, so I'll let it slide.

Third Vid: Grapefruit .vs. King K. Rool

Anouncer: LORD GARMADON...

Lord Garmadon: (Breaks a brick wall.) BOOM The dark lord is HERE!

Announcer: VERSUS KING K. ROOL!!!!

K. Rool: (Fired out of a cannon.) Yeah! Thank you!!!! (Looks at garmadon.) Uh... where's Donkey Kong?

Donkey Kong: (ooks and aahs)

Orange: He's right, you'll have to settle for fattie-gator! HAHAHA!!!!

Garmadon: ORANGE.... MY FRIEND

Announcer: FIGHT!!!! 

Garmadon: Alright K. Drool, take this! (Garmadon uses his four swords and strikes K. Rool, bringing him to 25%.)

K. Rool: Ha! I've taken a DK Punch that hurt worse... take THIS! (K. Rool throws his crown at Garmadon to bring him to 34%.)

Garmadon: OH YEAH K. DROOL?!?! TINA REX!!!!!! (Releases Tina to chase K. Rool, bringin K. Rool to a wall, then K.Rool gets eaten by an alligator)

K. Rool: NOOOOOOOOO! croc Attack! (Pulls out his blunderbuss to shoot a spiked ball at Garmadon, bringing him to 54%.)

Orange: Hey guys! Quit monkeying around!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

K. Rool: HEY GARMADON! (Runs up to garmadon and stops.)BOXING GLOVES!!!!! (Pulls out a pair of boxing gloves and throws a few jabs, bringing Garmadon to 84%.)

Garmadon: EAT SERPENTINE BREATH!!!!!! (Releases the serpentine tribes and they use their weapons at King K. Rool, bringing him to 105%.)

K. Rool: That's it! I'm not gonna lose.... (Looks up at smash ball)... and I'll make sure of it!

(Garmadon tries but is medium to jump up and get the smash ball. K. Rool, on the other hand, uses his propeller pack and hits the smash ball, causing him to glow.)

Orange: Looks like Garmadon uses his lightning powers!

K. Rool: Here it goes..... (Jumps)....CANNONBALL!!!!!!!! (K. Rool stomps down on the arena and sends cannonballs all over, damaging Garmadon enough to knock him off.)


K. Rool: YES, I'M IN!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!

Orange: Chill it K. Drool.

K. Rool: That's K. Rool! But who cares, I'm in!!!!

Fourth Vid: Passion .vs. Palutena

Announcer: PASSION......

Passion: (Emerges from a rose.) This sounds cool, who am I fighting?


Palutena: (Emerges from a beam of light.) Let me show the true power of the godess of light. Wait, who am I fighting again.

Orange: Watch out Passion, she's a real en-LIGHT-ened person! HAHAHA!!!

Passion: I'm up for it! Bring it on!!!!!

Announcer: FIGHT!!!

Palutena: Okay, so first things first.... Bursts of Light! (Palutena uses her staff to send a few beams of light at Passion, bringing Passion to 25%.... and burning her rind.)

Passion: OHHHHH, you asked for it! (Passion "karate chops" Palutena, bringing her to 20%.)

Palutena: Not bad, but can you take some claws to the rind? (Palutena uses the Wolf Claws to slash at Passion, bringing her to 45%.)

Passion: Okay, time for my side special, I call it the Whirling Vortex!!!!! (Passions spins like she did in Fruit .vs. Zombies, and then rams into Palutena, bring Palutena to 150%.)


Orange: You're more than a fruit Palutena ... you're and apple!!! HAHAHA!!!

Palutena: ZIP IT, ORANGE!!!!!! AS FOR PASSION...... (Passion is not there.)...what the....

Passion: HIIIIII-YAH!!!!! (Passion "karate kicks" from above, bringing Palutena to 290%.)

Palutena: ALRIGHT THEN, LET'S SEE YOU STAND THIS!!!!! (Palutena hits a Smash Ball with her staff.) Come my centurions!!!!!!! (Centurions swarm the area around Passion and shoot at her, bringing her to 350%.)

Passion: UUUUHHHHH.....

Palutena: FEEL ME, FRUUUUUIT!!!! (Palutena wacks passion with her staff and sends her off the stage.)

Announcer: WINNER: PALUTENA!!!!

Palutena: Take that, Smashed-in Fruit!!!!

Passion: Sorry guys..... I let you down...

Mario: Don't-a worry, you-a get to be an assist trophy since you did so well....

Fifth Vid: Marshmallow .vs. Rayman

Announcer: MARSHMALLOW.... 

Marshmallow: (Slides off a rainbow.) YAY!!! I LOVE SUPER SMASH BROS.!


Rayman: (Helicos downwards.) YAY! I LIKE SMASH, TOO!

Orange: Cool, it's a thing-a-mahjig that talks.

Midna: Just like your friend.

Announcer: FIGHT!!!!

Rayman: Okay, here I go! (Winds up a punch and throws it, only for it to bounce off Marshmallow.)

Marshmallow: Yah! I like winding punches.

Pear: Come on marshmallow, show him what you're made of.

Marshmallow: Okay... let me. me... ah..ah...ACHOO!!! (Sneezes, sending a damaging sparkle at Rayman that brings him to 30%.)

Rayman: Eww.... those sparkles weren't fun.

Midget Apple: Keep it up little buddy!

Orange: Yeah, give 'em a good sparkle-ing! HAHAHA!!!!!!

Marshmallow: Okay..... ACHOO!!! ACHOO!!! ACHOO!! (Sneezes three more times, bringing Rayman to 90% before dodging the third sneeze.)

Rayman: Plunger time! (Shoots a plunger that bounces off Marshmallow and sticks to Rayman.) MMMPRH FRRPH MRR. translation: THIS ISN'T FUNNY!!!!!

Marshmallow: I can help with .... my Hamster!!!! 

Rayman: (Manages to remove the plunger slightly.) Wait wha?

(Marshmallow tosses a hamster a Rayman that bites him, bringing Rayman to 150%.)

Rayman: OOOWWIE!!!

Orange: Yeah, thing-a-mahjig, Marshmallow needs to stop HAMstering it up!!!!! HAHAHAH...... hey look, a shiny basket ball.

Marshmallow: Yay!!!!! I love b-ball!!!! HeeHeeHee!!! 

Rayman: I LOVE IT MORE!!!! (Rayman manages to bust the Smash Ball up before accidentally hitting Marshmallow, giving the Final Smash to him.)

Marshmallow: Yay!!!! I'm glowing like a rainbow..... heehee....


Marshmallow: ...... a....... LitTLE....... FREEEEEEEAAAAAAKKKKKK?!?!?! (Shoots a rainbow laser so powerful that Rayman doesn't just get knocked off, he blows up sending rainbow colored goop everywhere.)

Orange: Ugggh.... look's like he's Ray-bow-man now! HAHAHA... ewwwww.


Marshmallow: Did I just win? Ya..... ay???? 

(Everyone, covered in rainbow colored goo, looks terrified of marshmallow.)

Marshallow: Yay?

(Everyone screams in terror except orange and his friends. Samus hugs Snake in fear, to which he grins. and Bowser jumps high above the stands.)

Megaman: (Fixed with duct tape in a wheel chair as a shadow covers him.) Hey guys, I'm fixed up an ready for another try.... (notices the shadow) ..Huh?

(Mega gets hit by an  accidental Bowser Bomb and blows up like in Mega Man 2, sending Bowser back to the stands.)

Orange: Whoa, that was Mega Mun-dus. HAHAHA.... oooh.

Sixth Vid: Midget Apple .vs. Little Mac

Announcer: MIDGET APPLE....

Midget Apple: (Jumps out of a monster truck.) That's little apple!!!!! 

Announcer: .... VERSUS LITTLE MAX!!!!

Little Mac: (Comes out with a few punches.) By the way... IT'S JUST MAC!!!!!

Orange: Whoa, looks like the opponent has a LITTLE bit of a temper.... HAHAHA!!! (Bumps heads with Midna, and then Wario.)

Mario: Okay a-little buddy! Time to-a show them what you-a got!

Little Mac: I'm seventeen, man! I'M NOT YOUR LITTLE BUDDY!!!!

Announcer: FIGHT!

Little Mac: Okay, here we go!!!!! (Mac throws a jab that gives him a star and damages Midget apple by 15%)

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