This is the transcript of the episode Ta-Ma-Rind

Orange: Bobobobobobo,Bored (laughs)

Tamarind's Voice: Hello. Is somebody here?

Orange: Ahhhh. dry beanstalk

Tamarind: I'm a Tamarind. I'm a kind of a pulse.

Orange: Hey Ta-Ma-Rind

Tamarind: No, I'm just a tamarind

Orange: You're ugly. I'm wanna "pea" on you (Laughs) 


(Annoying Orange's theme played)

Pear: Oh look. A tamarind.

Tamarind: Help me, This orange menace can't stop talking and telling puns.

Pear: I know him very well. His my friend.

Orange: Pear. Can you help me? i wanna bean this tamarind (laughs)

Tamarind: That's not funny.

Orange: I feeling the pulses (laughs)

Tamarind: *groans*

Orange: Hey tamarind, hey.

Tamarind: What? 

Orange: Knife

  • knife chops* *tamarind yells*

Orange: Ow

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