it is the episode when jalapeno was young


jalapeno: (sigh) i'm bored

habanero appeared

jalapeno: wow who the heck are you

habanero: who me

jalapeno; yes

habanero: i'm habanero

jalapeno: hey habanero hey

habanero: what

jalapeno: knock knock

habanero: who's their

jalapeno: bee

habanero; bee bee who

jalapeno: bee on your skin hahahahahahahaha


jalapeno: hey hey habanero hey

habanero: what

jalapeno: hey habanero

habanero: what

jalapeno: can you sing likes this lalalalalalala hahahahaha

habanero: knock it off

jalapeno: hey hey habanero

habanero; what is it already

jalapeno: knife

habanero: ahh(cut by knife)



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