Jo Frost comes into the kitchen and meets Orange annoys Jo Frost so much,that Jo Frost puts Orange in the naughty stool.


(The video begins with Jo Frost driving in her car with her laptop)

Jo Frost:Let's see who's having trouble with their child at home.

(Orange appears on the laptop)

Orange:Hey! Hey,Apple!

Jo Frost:What was that?

(Jo Frost stops at Orange's house)

Orange:Hey! Who are you?

Jo Frost:I'm Jo Frost. But,you can call me Supernanny. Who are you?

Orange:I'm an orange.

Orange:Hey! Hey,Supernanny!

Jo Frost:Is there something I can help you with,Orange?

Orange:Are you a British nerd?

(Orange laughs)

Jo Frost:That is so much back-talking.

Orange:Can you do this?

(Orange makes his tongue noise)

Jo Frost:That is so annoying!

(Orange continues to make his tongue noise)

Jo Frost:Stop!

(Orange laughs)

Jo Frost:Unacceptable. Go sit in the naughty stool!

Orange:Stool? I don't even have legs!

Jo Frost:Well then,I'll put you in the naughty stool!

(Jo Frost drags Orange into the naughty stool)

Jo Frost:Stay in there and don't get out.

Orange:When do I get out?

Jo Frost:Stay there until you can stop annoying me.

(A title card that says"LATER"appears)

Orange:I can stop annoying you.

Jo Frost:OK. I can take you out.

(Jo Frost puts Orange back on the counter)

Orange:Hey! Hey,Supernanny!

Jo Frost:What do you want,Orange?


(Jo Frost gets knifed by Knife)

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