"The Annoying Orange: The Younger Years"
Episode: Pilot
Airdate: April 18, 2008
Characters: Orange, Apple, Apple Juice, Potato, Pear
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"Annoying Orange: Pilot Orange"
"Annoying Orange: Pin-Apple"

Orange is young  and he annoys an apple.

The Annoying Orange The Younger Years03:08

The Annoying Orange The Younger Years

The Younger Years


  • Apple: You, what do you want!
  • Orange: Hey, Hey Apple (Chuckles) Hey your an Apple. (Chukles)
  • Apple: Yeah, Yeah, I'm an Apple. I know. I'm an Apple.
  • Orange: Hey, Apple wanna see what I can do?
  • Apple: No.
  • Orange: (Babbles tounge)
  • Apple: Will you please shut up?
  • Orange: (Continues babbling tounge)
  • Apple: Shut up!
  • Orange: (Continues babbling tounge)
  • Apple: OK wanna see what I can do? (Babbles tounge)
  • Both: (Babble tounge)
  • Apple: Shut up.
  • Orange: I can almost tought my nose. Wait I don't have a nose (Babbles tounge).
  • Apple: Were you born this way or you just developed over time.
  • Orange: Hey your a tiny Apple. (Chuckles)
  • Apple: I'm not tiny I'm just young.
  • Orange: (Babbles tounge).
  • Apple: (Screams)
  • (Someone puts Apple juice on the counter)
  • Orange: Ooooooo, What's that?
  • Apple: I don't know it says A..A..pp..pple (Gasps)
  • Orange: APPLE JUICE!
  • Apple: Apple Juice.
  • Orange: (Babbles tounge)
  • Apple: I'm an Apple.
  • Orange: (Babbles tounge) Apple Juice
  • Apple Juice: (Screams)
  • Orange: Hey, Hey Apples, lookes like your in a sticky situation (Chuckles).
  • Apple: Orange you care about anybody besides yourself.
  • Orange: Nope!
  • Apple: You are the most insentisive jerk in the intire world. I hope you get bruise right in the face you little white worthless sad seed of a fruit.
  • Orange: (Cries) Hey Apple!
  • Apple: WHAT!
  • Orange: Slam Chop.
  • Apple: What. (Screams)
  • Orange: Ooooo Shiny.
  • Apple and Apple Juice: (Scream)
  • Orange: That looks like it hurts. (Babbles tounge)
  • Apple: (Turns into juice)
  • Orange: Hey Apple, were you feeling sick coz it looks like you've been chired (Chuckles)
  • Apple: Very funny, Very funny Orange.
  • Orange: (Babbles tounge)
  • Potato: Shut up you stupid kid! I can't take it any longer.
  • Orange: Wow! Your annoying.

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